Making That Guest Feel Extra Special

For people who love the adventure of seeing new places and having incredible experiences in different locations, a great travel service like is invaluable. This breakthrough online travel service has enabled people to stay in wonderful apartments and homes throughout the world, making exciting travel on a budget a workable reality. 

Staying with hosts through the site can be a very gratifying experience and save lots of money. Travelers get to visit locations while enjoying the “at home” feeling of staying in a local person’s actual home, rather than staying in a more expensive, and much less friendly hotel environment. The hosts on get the experience of meeting travelers from throughout the world, while making extra income by renting out their home.

Even with all the advantages of using, however, there are still a few issues that can be problematic. That’s why now offers its own “concierge” service, called This innovative and easy to arrange service gives hosts the option of offering some of the concierge-type services that hotels offer, to make a guest’s experience of traveling to a new location just that much more convenient and comfortable. 

Key Exchanges offers a range of services that hosts can arrange for guests. These include a key exchange, with a concierge who meets the guest at the property to ensure they are able to get access to the home they’ve rented. This is a huge help, as sometimes travelers come in later than usual, and if the host is not at the property, getting access is a major factor in a trip’s success. The key exchange service provides a concierge who will be at the property and personally give the key to the guest, while also giving them a tour of the home and explaining its amenities. 

Another feature of the key exchange is a key safe, which can be installed at the rental property to ensure guests and housekeepers from the housekeeping service always have access to the home, as well as a secure place to leave keys. These services can make a huge difference in the success of a trip, and are highly recommended.

Other Concierge Perks

Other attractive amenities that come with the services are the 
fun and luxurious welcome hampers. These “hampers on arrival” are made to order goody baskets, created in a choice of tasty themes, from luxurious and romantic hampers filled with wines, chocolates, flowers and other welcoming snacks, to kid-friendly hampers filled with healthy snacks that will help soothe children after a hectic day of travel. The service also allows hosts to create custom order hampers for guests who have special tastes and requests. This special service makes guests feel welcomed as soon as they walk in the door to a host’s home, and it’s amazing what a difference these treat baskets can make.

This unique concierge service is easy to arrange through, so why not check out this special perk today?