Home For Sale: 7 Cheap Improvements to Boost Its Value

“All palaces are temporary.” There will come a time when we have to move on to a new chapter in our lives and leave behind our current home, but not without trying to resell it, of course. Getting back to the real estate scene can be quite difficult, especially since there is so much competition in the market nowadays. If you want to see your home listed and purchased at the highest price possible, it’s going to require some work.

This doesn’t mean that you have to splurge on home renovations before you move out, though. Here are simple and cheap improvements that you can do to your Longueuil home for sale.

Inspect Your House

Prevention is always better than cure, so to make sure that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on renovations before you move out, inspect your house regularly and look out for things you can fix, like termite infestation, deteriorating roofs, or outdated household systems. A seemingly minor problem can quickly become a major one and negatively affect the value of your home once you decide to sell it. Catching and fixing these issues early on will save you the hassle of spending a huge sum of money for an overhaul later.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

Talk to your local utility company and ask for advice on what to do to maximize your house’s energy efficiency. This will cut your energy costs, help you save money on bills, and make your home more marketable considering many people are more and more into sustainable buildings and residences nowadays.

Try DIY Projects

You don’t have to hire an interior designer to reinvent your home. Look for inspiration in fashion or arts and design magazines, books, and websites (note: Pinterest is a great reference site for interior design!). Print out pages and photos that inspire new ideas for home decorating and pin them up your wall. Watch as your idea bulb lights up and start remodeling your house, one step at a time.

Repaint Your Home

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your home look brand new is updating its color palette. You can do the paint job yourself, and getting the tools you need won’t cost you much. Buy a few gallons of paint in the color(s) you like, paintbrushes and rollers and you’re good to go. Just make sure that the colors you pick all go well together.

Fill Your Home With Greens

Buy succulents and place them strategically around the house or plant trees in your front yard. Succulents are low-maintenance because you don’t have to always look after them, yet they provide a cozy, homey feel complemented by simple home decor. Grown trees, on the other hand, will provide the cheapest home cooling system. Plus, it’s healthier for you to have plants around since they “filter” the air your breathe.

Install New Fixtures

You don’t necessarily have to replace every piece of furniture in your home to up its value. Simply replacing old and outdated fixtures like ceiling fans and doorknobs will subtly enhance the overall appearance of your home.

Save Space

Sometimes, it’s not so much about the size of a room but how spacious it feels. Visual space counts more than one may think, and if your house feels spacious and breezy enough, it looks more welcoming and can be higher in value. A huge house full of clutter and old, unnecessary furniture will make anyone feel overwhelmed.

There you have it. Follow these cost-effective tips and make your “palace” the best it can be.