Success Starts With Finding The Right Office!

Businesses in London Ontario know that finding the right office can be a timely process, one replete with small considerations – like size, location, layout, accessibility, to name just a few.

The first thing to think about is style. An office space can be laid back and casual, with standing desks and plenty of room for a foosball table or other activities, or it can be elegant and formal, with a traditional cubicle setup. It can get tricky trying to find commercial real estate in London Ontario that matches the exact concept you imagined, but whatever style the office is, thought must be given to the experience of walking into the office (especially if you have clients coming through) and whether the space is an expression of your business.

The second thing to consider is competition. Finding out which of your competitors are close to the location you’re considering gives you a heads up in terms of marketing, especially if your office is also a retail space. Settling in a peak land value intersection opens your business up to lots of foot traffic, meaning you’ll need to remain unique from your competitor in some regards and offer competitive pricing.

Thirdly, it’s as the famous saying goes: location, location, location! Is the neighbourhood you’re considering buttoned up and business-y or is it more of a hip, artist- and student-populated area. The location of a company says a lot up front, and is often the first line of communication to a prospective client – they see where you’re located and extrapolate from that what type of business you must be.

The fourth thing to consider, which often goes woefully overlooked, is all of the costs that are involved in moving your business to a new location. This can include utilities, the rent, and power of having your office in this location. Some of the utilities will be included in the rent payment but some of them might not be, so you have to be sure to calculate and factor in those extra costs. As a small tip related to utility costs, you can ask the utility company for a summary of the usage from last year and the billing from the people who had the location prior to your business moving in.

Finally, something to keep in mind when hunting down the perfect office is the infrastructure of the building. If it is an older building, then it might not be able to handle all of the things that you will need to do in order to make it the perfect office space for your business. Look at your priorities, obviously, but a few things worth doubling down on in a building would be air conditioning, a good electrical system, and services for telecommunications that fit your needs.

Finding an office space in London Ontario isn’t easy, but as a parting tip, seek out the help of a reliable, professional commercial real estate company with a bent toward customer service. With something as important as your office space (which, let’s face it, you’ll spend a good amount of time in) it’s best not to go it alone.